Add Schema Markup to Your Local Business Website with These Plugins

Have you ever wondered why some businesses stand out in search results with photos, ratings, locations and hours listed along with links? It’s all thanks to structured markup, also called schema, a way of telling search engines more about the content on web pages. Adding schema to your local business site improves visibility by increasing relevancy in and adding more information to search results.

What is Schema? identifies schema as “a set of ‘types’, each associated with a set of properties.” The types follow a hierarchy subdividing them into categories. The properties of each type are used to describe content to search engines and add more meaning to data. For example, Google may find your business address on your website, but without knowing what the words mean, the search engine can’t tell how the information relates to a location-based search. Using a type such as LocalBusiness and its accompanying properties describes the text so that the search engine can associate it with relevant keywords.

Why Your Business Needs Markup

When search engines have more information about the content on your site, the details are displayed to potential customers in search results. These “rich snippets” may include reviews, location, hours or logo images depending on the schema you add. This can be especially useful if you’re trying to gain visibility for your business in local search results. Tagging your address and contact information makes your business more likely to appear in local searches and will help you stand out from competitors not using markup.

Another benefit of schema is added detail when pages from your site are shared on social media. Including schema types helps third-party applications pull important information from pages and display it in a recognizable way in news feeds so that your business isn’t lost in a sea of irrelevant updates.

Powerful Schema Plugins

While it might seem overwhelming to consider adding yet another element to website design and maintenance, schema markup is worth the time. According to Search Engine Land, case studies show the potential for up to 30 percent more organic traffic when markup is used.

You don’t have to slog through a long learning process to implement schema on your site. These WordPress plugins provide straightforward, user-friendly tools to add markup to posts and pages. Both free and premium options are available to make your business stand out.

All in One Rich Snippets

This free plugin promises a “nice format” for results from the major search engines and in Facebook feeds. By taking advantage of the power of schema to create rich snippets and provide accurate information for shared pages, All in One Rich Snippets has the potential to increase click-through rates and customer engagement.


Billed as a lightweight free plugin, Schema uses the recommended JSON-LD format for linking related data without slowing down page load times. The plugin allows you to create and edit markup types as needed to build a library of descriptive properties specific to your business. Functionality can be extended throughout your website by using Schema with other plugins, such as Yoast SEO and Visual Composer.

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

For an investment of $20, you can take advantage of seven shortcodes provided with the Rich Snippets plugin to add schema markup anywhere on your WordPress site. When you need more than the basics, use the shortcode generator to create your own. Thanks to this flexibility, Rich Snippets has a wide range of applications for local businesses in any industry.

WP Rich Snippets

Increasing traffic through better relevance in search results is the ultimate goal of schema, and WP Rich Snippets provides the tools you need to add important markup. With subscription rates starting at $69 per year, this premium plugin uses types and properties and includes useful add-ons to increase its functionality.

Using a plugin makes it easier to take advantage of the benefits of schema for your WordPress website. With identifiers for everything from your address to reviews, you can make your site stand out in search results and attract a larger local crowd. Find a plugin designed to meet your needs, and start making markup work for your business.