How to Capture Email Leads for Your Local Business

An email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools your business can have. A growing list of contacts means more chances to showcase your products and services to an interested audience.

Statistics show spending a single dollar on email marketing has the potential to return as much as $44.25. How can you turn such impressive numbers into a reality for your local business? Try these tactics to capture targeted leads from consumers in your area.

Build a User-Friendly Contact Form

Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you online by designing a streamlined contact form. Every time a customer sends a message, you get a potential lead. When replying to questions, include a signup link along with a call-to-action to generate interest in your email list. Make sure both contact and signup forms are easy for mobile users to fill out.

Offer Exclusive Deals

Most customers will gladly sign up for an email list if they get discounts or free stuff in return. Create an opt-in box on your website with a clear incentive for those providing contact information. This could be a discount off their first online purchase, printable coupons to be used at your physical location or the offer of a free item with a purchase of any size online or in the store. White papers and e-books with relevant local information also generate interest.

Add an Option at Checkout

If you sell products or allow customers to book services online, the checkout screen is a smart place for an email opt-in box. During the account creation or payment process, include a checkbox with a call-to-action telling customers what they’ll get by signing up. Make it prominent enough to be noticeable so that it doesn’t get overlooked as fine print. Since you also gather shipping information at this point, you’ll be able to segment these contacts by location as they come in.

Target Ads with Localized Landing Pages

PPC and social media ads can be targeted to appear only to customers in specific areas. Targets may be as broad or as narrow as you want, right down to the town where your brick-and-mortar store is located. When running a campaign with a highly local focus, create a landing page with information relevant to customers in the area. Include the details of the deal mentioned in the ad for visitors who click through, and prompt them to sign up for your list so that they don’t miss future promotions.

Go Old-School

Limiting email lead capturing to your website could mean missing out on sales opportunities from the customers who stop by your physical location each day. When they check out, let them know the benefits of joining your email list and ask if they would like to sign up. You can also have a paper signup sheet at the point of sale. This same “old school” tactic also works to gather leads at trade shows and local events.

Don’t forget to mention your email list to customers who get in touch by phone. If they’re already interested enough to contact your business, chances are they’ll be attracted by the information and deals your emails deliver.

Building and maintaining a list of engaged and interested customers from the area surrounding your local business gives you a better chance of generating conversions both online and in your brick-and-mortar store. Focus your efforts on gathering quality leads, monitor the returns on your efforts and adjust your tactics to maximize the channels through which the most customers connect with your business.